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“ Chinese Dumpling
Jiaozi(Chinese Dumpling) is a traditional Chinese Food, which is essential ring holidays in Northern China. Chinese mpling becomes one of the most widely loved foods in China.
Chinese mpling is one of the most important foods in Chinese New Year. Since the shape of Chinese mplings is similar to ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots, they symbolize wealth. Traditionally, the members of a family get together to make mplings ring the New Year's Eve. They may hide a coin in one of the mplings. The person who finds the coin will likely have a good fortune in the New Year. Chinese mpling is also popular in other Chinese holidays or festivals, so it is part of the Chinese culture or tradition.
Chinese mpling is a delicious food. You can make a variety of Chinese mplings using different fillings based on your taste and how various ingredients mixed together by you.
Usually when you have Chinese mpling for dinner, you will not have to cook anything else except for some big occasions. The mpling itself is good enough for dinner. This is one of the advantages of Chinese mpling over other foods, though it may take longer to make them.
Making mplings is really teamwork. Usually all family members join the work. Some people started to make mplings when they were kids in the family, so most Chinese know how to make mplings.” 谢谢采纳!
饺子是中国新年餐桌上一道重要的食物。 由于饺子的形状类似于中国古代的金锭或银锭,因而象征着财富。在除夕之夜,人们都有和家人团聚一起包饺子的习俗。他们会在某个饺子里包进一个硬币,如果发现它的人将预示着在新年中将会有好运。 饺子在中国的其他节假日也是很受欢迎的食品,从而构成了中国文化传统的一部分。
包饺子是一项团体工作。通常,一家人会参与到包饺子的工作中。有些人从小就学会包饺子,因而大多数中国人都知道怎么包饺子。” 谢谢!


我的家乡在贵阳市,那里是个风景优美,物产丰富的地方。我家乡的特产不但品种多得数不胜数,而且味道很好,很多人都慕名而来,都想品尝一下。我家乡的特产分别有:胖大的闸蟹.鲜美的螃蟹.软绵绵的珍珠饴. 独特的烧饼夹里脊。但是我更喜欢硕大的石榴。




hello,welcome to hunan
hunan have many food and landscape,
Hunan food specialties are: dried chili stewed bean curd, dried bean curd, mycophenolate tofu, tofu, blood balls, Candied Sweet Potato, dried bamboo shoots, dried meat, ... ... Hunan Agriculture, Forestry and special procts are mainly Xiang-lian, Hunan tea, tea-oil, pepper , ramie, oranges, Hunan Chickens, xupu geese, Ningxiang pigs, lake flour, rice flour, etc. in Hunan. Hunan food specialties are: dried chili stewed bean curd, dried bean curd, mycophenolate tofu, tofu, blood balls, Candied Sweet Potato, dried bamboo shoots, dried meat, ... ... Hunan Agriculture, Forestry and special procts are mainly Xiang-lian, Hunan tea, tea-oil, pepper , ramie, oranges, Hunan Chickens, xupu geese, Ningxiang pigs, lake flour, rice flour, etc. in Hunan.
Nanyue Mt. Hengshan: Our country “ Mountains” one. The principal sights historical site includes: The Nanyue big temple, Zhusheng Temple, the old temple, south the fontanel, the Zhurong Peak, look at date Taiwan, on to seal the temple, Fuyan Temple, Natai Temple, Hero Shrine and so on. Yueyang Bldg.: In the Yueyang west end, is south of Yangzi River one of three given name buildings. Quzici: In the Miluo jade square bamboo basket mountain, hands down for Qu Yuan writes place. Jun: In Yueyang, is in Dongting Lake an island, on the island has two imperial concubines graves, Liu Yijing, to recite the pavilion brightly. Zhangjiajie: Is apart from the Zhangjiajie 32 kilometers. Is the country forest park, opened four tour lines to have Huang Shizhai, Jin Bianyan, the husbands and wives crag, the fog sea tortoise and so on 85 scenic spots.


Jiaxing mplings, is a famous specialty of Jiaxing, Jiaxing traditional name points, has a long history. Jiaxing not paste glutinous rice mplings, fat but not greasy, Cephalostachyum delicious, sweet and salty known moderate. Especially the most famous of fresh meat. Jiaxing taste of delicious mplings for its easy to carry, convenient to eat the majority of tourists attracted much love, the "oriental fast food, "said.


Guizhou batik, is a long history of national traditional arts and crafts. The so-called batik is the wax painting and dyeing two processes referred to. Guizhou Anshun batik proction of the most famous, Anshun batik pattern detail, rich color.
Maotai, this needless to say that estimates are known.
Duyun Maojian, also known as "hook tea", "Buxus tea." Proced in Guizhou Duyun.
Duyun is located in the southern part of Guizhou Province, east of the city Dongshan stand, west of Longshan confrontation. Duyun Tippy main origin in Mission Hill, Huangshan, post foot, big slot area, where no cold winter, summer heat, The annual average temperature of 16 degrees, the average annual rainfall of more than 1,400 mm. In addition to deep soil, loose soil and moist soil is acidic or slightly acidic, containing large amounts of iron and phosphate. These special natural conditions not only Suitable for the growth of tea, but also formed a unique style of Duyun Tippy.
According to historical records, as early as in the Ming Dynasty, Duyun output "hook tea", "Buxus tea" has been classified as "tribute" into the court.
Duyun Maojian "Qingming" just a few days before and after the growth of one or two leaf unexpanded leaves, requiring thin leaves short thin, even green uniform. Tenderness and length of the ultra-standard, pest and color purple are Can not be used to make Maojian tea. Duyun Maojian tea after high temperature fixing, low temperature rubbing, rubbing group mention cents, timely drying and other four processes carefully made. "Dry tea green with yellow, soup color green through yellow , Green at the end of the yellow "three green three yellow" features known .Taojian tea buds tip is cord-like, white and more special, color green, quality Runxiu, aroma Qingnen, mellow taste, aftertaste sweet, In the domestic and international market reputation. Its excellent quality, shape and Taihu Lake Biluochun and mention, with the Xinyang Maojian quality comparable.
Miao embroidery in Guizhou, Guizhou Miao embroidery proced in Qiandongnan, Qiannan two national autonomous prefecture and Anshun, Bijie, Mizu and other areas of the Miao village, has been hundreds of years of history.Miao women ingenuity, they are very fond of pick flowers, weaving and Embroidery is an indispensable part of their life.After the autumn season, they began to embroidery and pick flowers, usually the reverse of the front of the embroidery, neither proofing, not drawing lines, readily embroidered, tricks, lifelike .
Guizhou Miao embroidery with sheep embroidery, knot embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, pull red embroidery, weaving, drawing, etc. Pattern can be divided into three types: First, geometric patterns to fruit green, green as the main body, with bright The second is a natural pattern, the tone to green, with other commensurate color; Third, the painting-shaped pattern to landscape, flowers, Arowana, such as composition, the image of vivid.
Miao embroidery refers to the embroidery of the Miao women in China, which has a unique national style and artistic skills, and is well known for its delicate acupuncture, elegance of ancient art, rich color and color, and its patterns are closely matched and colorful.
Liquor category: Maotai wine Dongjiu liquor Guizhou alcohol ck cave wine cellar wine Jane confused Sin Dongfang Cambridge wine (Meijiangjiu) wine
Laotu wine old people home wine Diaoyutai State liquor wine wine Tan liquor Sands back to the wine Pingba wine even wine wine
Bijie Daqu Guiyang Daqu
Beer: Maotai beer (highland beer)
Smoke: your tobacco expensive tobacco (Zunyi) your tobacco (Huangguoshu)
Tea: Duyun Maojian Zunyi Maofeng Meitan Cuigu Fenggang Emerald Shiqian moss tea Fenggang zinc selenium tea Zunyi red tea
Food categories: Kaili sour fish Wujiang tofu fish
Laoganma pepper Laodou Pepper Zunyi shrimp Chao - day pepper Zunyi Suiyang millet pepper
Zhijin bamboo red Chishui bamboo shoots Guizhou Tianma
Spicy laughing snacks Liu Er Ma Mibi yellow cake cake Zunyi chicken cake town Ningbobo sugar Wei Ning buckwheat crisp beef head dried beef jerky
Generous tofu
都匀位于贵州省的南部,市区东面东山屹立,西面龙山对峙.都匀毛尖主要产地在团山、黄 山、哨脚、大槽一带,这里冬无严寒,夏无酷暑,四季宜人,年平均气温十六度,年平均降 水量一千四百多毫米.加之土层深厚,土壤疏松湿润,土质是酸性或微酸性,内含大量的铁质和磷酸盐.这些特殊的自然条件不仅适宜茶树的生长,而且也形成了都匀毛尖的独特风格.
都匀毛尖采用“清明”前后数天内刚长出的一叶或二叶未展开的叶片,要求叶片细小短薄, 嫩绿匀齐.嫩度和长度超标准的,受病虫害的和色紫的都不能用来制作毛尖茶.都匀毛尖茶 经过高温杀青、低温揉捻、搓团提毫、及时焙干等四道工序精心制作而成.素以“干茶绿中带黄,汤色绿中透黄,叶底绿中显黄”的“三绿三黄”特色著称.成品毛 尖茶芽尖细呈条索状,白毫特多,色泽鲜绿,品质润秀,香气清嫩,滋味醇厚,回味甘甜, 在国内外市场有盛誉.其品质优佳,形可与太湖碧螺春并提,质能同信阳毛尖媲美.
贵州苗绣,贵州苗族刺绣产于黔东南黔南两个民族自治州和安顺、毕节、水城等地区的苗族聚居村寨, 至今已有数百年的历史.苗族妇女心灵手巧,她们非常喜爱挑花、编织和刺绣.刺绣是她们 生活中不可缺少 的一个组成部分.每逢秋收过后农闲季节她们就开始绣花和挑花,通常反 面绣花正面看,既不打样,也不画线,随手绣来,花样百出,栩栩如生.
贵州苗族刺绣有羊绣、结绣、辫绣、打糅、牵红绣、织花、抽纱等.花样大致可分为三种类 型:一是几何图案,以果绿、翠绿为主体,用鲜艳的红色调配,构图简练,美观大方;二是 自然形态图案,色调以绿色为主,间配其他相称颜色;三是绘画形图案,以山水、花草、龙 鱼等构图,形象生动.
苗绣是指中国苗族妇女的刺绣品.它具有独特的民族风格和艺术技艺,以针法精巧,古秀文 雅、色彩丰富而闻名省内外,花纹布置严密,色彩对比强烈,图案花纹各种多样
白酒类:茅台酒 董酒 青酒 贵州醇 鸭溪窖酒 珍酒 小糊涂仙 东方剑桥酒(湄窖酒) 习酒
老土酒 老土人家酒 钓鱼台国宾酒 怀酒 潭酒 金沙回沙酒 平坝酒 匀酒 安酒
毕节大曲 贵阳大曲
烟:贵烟 贵烟(遵义) 贵烟(黄果树)
茶叶:都匀毛尖 遵义毛峰 湄潭翠芽 凤冈绿宝石 石阡苔茶 凤冈锌硒茶 遵义红红茶
食品类: 凯里酸汤鱼 乌江豆腐鱼
老干妈辣椒 老干爹辣椒 遵义虾子朝天椒 遵义绥阳小米椒
织金竹荪 赤水竹笋 贵州天麻
辣得笑小吃 刘二妈米皮 黄糕粑 遵义鸡蛋糕 镇宁波波糖 威宁荞酥 牛头牌牛肉干
遵义羊肉粉 水城羊肉粉 金沙羊肉粉 花溪牛肉粉 贵阳肠旺面 遵义豆花面
工艺品:安顺蜡染 大方漆器 苗族刺绣等
具体的,织金天麻,贵定辣椒,贵阳老干妈 恋爱豆腐果 花溪牛肉粉 肠旺面 豆花饭 断桥手搓辣椒 留一手烤鱼,六盘水的,水城羊肉粉 老城烙锅 烙锅辣椒面 六枝九龙液 六枝堕却清水鱼,黄果树烟,茅台酒,安顺波波糖 幺铺毛肚火锅,凯里酸汤鱼,安顺蜡染,侗寨米酒,独山盐酸菜


第一句:度Could you recommend some special dishes in yourrestaurant?

A: Could you recommend some special dishes in yourrestaurant?
B: Roast beef is very good today, ma'am.
A: Is that right? I'll try it.

第二句:What is the specialty of your restaurant?

A: What is the specialty of your restaurant?
B: Sweet and sour pork chops, madam.
A: We will have it for two people.
B: In a minute, madam.


Speaking of "Fortune", people are not unfamiliar. 现如今的会面、通信也会相互祝愿对方“万事如意”、“吉祥如意”等用语,即随人意。 Are now meeting, each communication will wish each other "good luck", "good luck" and other terms, that along. 从字面上讲,如意无非是符合自己的意愿。 Literally, nothing more than wishful meet their wishes. 寓意的抽象,是极易能让人理解的。 Implication of the abstract, is easy to make people understand. 其实如意不光是抽象,还是具象的“如意”。 In fact, not just wishful abstract or concrete's "ideal." 如意在民间有种种的说法,如事事如意、平安如意等,祝颂吉祥者也。 Ideal in the private sector have all sorts of claims, such as all the best, safe wishful so Zhusong Ji Xiang who has. 趋吉避凶,源于动物的本能。 Good fortune, derived from animal instincts. 人们祈求吉祥、幸福的心理活动,常常表现在行动上,即有意去营造吉利的环境。 People pray for good luck and happy mental activity, often manifested in the action, which intends to create an auspicious environment. 有的用图画表现出来,称之为“吉祥图案”,它与人们的生活密切相关。 Some use the picture shown, known as the "auspicious patterns", which is closely related with people's lives. 耐人寻味的寓意,象征着美好、幸福,寄托了人们的精神和愿望。 Interesting implication, a symbol of beauty, happiness, and placed the spirit and aspirations of the people. “如意”何物,不少的图片上可以欣赏到它的实物。 "Fortune" what, a lot of pictures can enjoy its kind. “如意”的实物是一种供人们观赏的精致工艺品,如有意一饱眼福,可到北京故宫博物院参观,会见到明、清两代皇宫内的用珍贵材料精心制作的如意。 "Ideal" is a kind of fine for people to enjoy arts and crafts, such as deliberately spoiled for choice, can visit the Palace Museum in Beijing, will see the Ming and Qing Dynasty palace, the use of precious materials, elaborate wishful.

折扇最早出现于公元五世纪的南北朝时代。 Folding first appeared in the fifth century, the Southern and Northern Dynasties era. 《南齐书》上说:“褚渊以腰扇障日。”,这“腰扇”,据《通鉴注》上的解释,“即折叠扇。”不过那时还不流行。 "Nan Qi Shu," said: "Chu Yuan to date back fan barrier.", The "waist fan", according to the "universal warning note" explanation, "that is folded fan." But it was not the popular. 到了北宋,“如市井中所制折叠扇……展之广尺三四,合之止两指许”,市井有制,说明它已不是少数人专用的了。 In the Northern Song, "as Pop in the system development of the folding fan ... ... 34 feet wide, combination and only two fingers Xu," marketplace has the system indicates it is not exclusively a minority. 现今,天津古文化街乔香阁的折扇最为有名,基本上是纯手工制作和绘制。 Today, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street Joe Hong Court of folding the most famous, is basically a pure hand-made and drawn. 据记载,折扇是一种舶来品 。 According to records, folding is a foreign import . 一把折扇主要由扇骨 、扇页和扇面三部分构成。 A folding fan mainly by Shan Gu , fan pages and fan of three parts. 普通的折扇,一般用竹木做扇骨,韧纸做扇面。 Ordinary folding fan, usually made with bamboo Shan Gu, Ren fan of paper. 讲究一点的,扇面上还要题诗作画。 Stress point, the fan on the painting but also poems. 高级的折扇,扇骨和扇叶往往要用象牙制作。 Advanced folding, Shan Gu and fan leaves are often made use of ivory. 上边呢还要雕刻出各种纹饰,扇面也大多带有名人的字画 。 Stuck to also carving out a variety of decorative patterns, mostly with a celebrity fan scroll . 折扇系日本发明。 Folding Department of Japanese invention. 古称倭扇 ,是由日本遣唐使作为进贡礼品带到中国。 Originally known as Japanese fans , is Japan's Imperial Japanese embassies to China as a tribute gift. 折扇状似蝙蝠,有撒扇、聚头扇、蝙蝠扇、摺扇等诸称。 Folding the shape of bats, there is Caesar fan, poly head fan, bat fan, folding fan, etc. all said. 第一把折扇是用桧树薄片缝制而成,所以称为桧扇,后来改为纸扇面。 First the folding fan is made of cypress trees thin sewing, so called cypress fan, paper fan was changed. 平安时代初期便有了折扇。 The early Heian period, there were a folding fan. 据《西宫记》记载,平安初期,每逢夏季,宫廷贵族赐予侍臣折扇,折扇成为宫中活动时侍臣携带的物品之一。 According to "Nishinomiya mind" records, the early peace, ring the summer, the court nobility bestowed courtiers folding, folding into the palace activities belongings of one of the courtiers. 后来宫廷女子也受其影响,经常拿把折扇,作为身边的装饰品。 Later, women are also affected by the court, I used to get to folding, as decorations around.

Suzhou embroidery or Suzhou embroidery originated in Suzhou Wuxian its area, is still the center of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, Yan has been all over the Yangzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Suqian, East Taiwan and other places. 苏绣产地江苏土地肥沃,气候温和,蚕桑发达,盛产丝绸,自古以来就是锦绣之乡。 Jiangsu Suzhou embroidery origin fertile land, mild climate, sericulture development, rich silk, ancient town of Fairview. 优越的地理环境,绚丽丰富的锦缎,五光十色的花线,为苏绣发展创造了有利条件。 Superior geographical environment, a rich brocade gorgeous, colorful flowers line the Suzhou embroidery to create favorable conditions for development. 据西汉刘向《说苑》记载,早在二千多年前的春秋时期,吴国已将苏绣用于服饰。 According to Han Liu Xiang, "said Yuan," recorded as early as 2000 years ago, the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu has Suzhou embroidery for clothing. 三国时代,吴王孙权曾命赵达丞相之妹手绣《列国图》。 Three Kingdoms, King of Wu Sun Quan's sister, who lives with Hand Embroidery Zhao Dacheng, "Discovery Atlas." 据《清秘藏》叙述苏绣“宋人之绣,针线细密,用线一、二丝,用针如发细者为之。设色精妙,光彩射目。”可见在宋代苏绣艺术已具有相当高的水平。 According to "clear cache of" narrative Suzhou embroidery, "Song of the embroidery, sewing fine, with lines one, two wire, with a thin needle, such as those whom issued. Subtlety and color, luster head shot." Visible in the Song Suzhou embroidery art has considerable high level. 文化古城苏州,素有“人间天堂”之称,在这优美环境里孕育出的苏州刺绣艺术,亦早已闻名于世。 Cultural city of Suzhou, known as "paradise," said, in this beautiful environment bred Suzhou embroidery art, has long been known. 小桥,流水,人家,园林,昆曲,美食。 Bridges, water, people, landscape, Kun Opera, food. 古典格局,诗意江南。 Classical pattern of poetic south. 二千五百年的苏州文 2500 years of culture in Suzhou 苏绣精品 Suzhou embroidery boutique 明熠熠生辉。 Ming shine. 苏绣,是江南女孩一生中最美丽的情结。 Suzhou embroidery is the southern most beautiful girl in the complex life. 那些绣花用的绷布、绷架、苏针、花线,它们依恋的目光永远不会离开水灵如草清澈如花的江南女孩了,任伊老了,在江南,它们的目光也不离开。 Those embroidered with the stretched cloth, stretched frame, Su-pin, flower line, their eyes never leave the attachment, such as grass Shui Ling clear blossoming southern girl, any Iranian old, in the south, their eyes never leave. 这是刻骨铭心的爱情啊,苏绣对江南女孩是天荒地老般的爱情。 This is the unforgettable love, ah, Suzhou embroidery is on the southern girls like other forever love. 全世界都知道了中国苏州有一种工艺名叫苏绣。 Everybody knows that there is a process of China's Suzhou Embroidery Mingjiao Su. 女红之巧呵,十指春风。 The clever woman red Ah, spring fingers.